Hackathon of things (hot)

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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Rodrigo, I’m studying a Master of Science in E-Business and Innovation, at Lancaster University in the UK, and I created this blog as a project for my master.

Why a Hackathon of Things? Well, hackathons have become very popular these days because they encourage the innovation in several important topics in the world, most of them technology-related. One of the biggest technology trends nowadays is the Internet of Things (IoT), which has already been tackled in some hackathons around the world; but there’s still lots to be done. The IoT is booming right now and the industry is needing innovative solutions to join this venture, so, the idea of this blog is to share some insights of the most relevant happenings regarding the IoT, such as innovations, market trends, security issues, smart houses, smart cities, industry events and of course, hackathons! Hopefully, some of the posts that I will be sharing here might motivate people to stay enthusiastic about innovating in the IoT field.

Please join me in this adventure through the “Hackathon of Things”, in which we will hack together into the fascinating and most innovative happenings in the world of IoT.