Hi guys!

Well, this is a blog about technology, but all the amazing technologies that build up the Internet of Things come from an innovation process, and one of the greatest igniters of innovation is creativity.

There is a lot of theory that explains the differences between innovation and creativity, but I’ll sum it up: innovation is a complex process that involves many elements working together to create a new product or service that could be commercialized, whereas creativity is one of the many elements that participate in the innovation process.

Creativity is a skill, extremely useful for business and life, because it allows people to generate new concepts, ideas, prototypes, pieces of art, jokes, flirting lines, alternatives to problems, business propositions, etc. There are some skills that we could neglect in life, for example, soloists might not need to worry that much about teamwork, or physicians could be all right without having commercial awareness, but creativity should be part of everybody’s life, no matter what we do for a living. And all the skills are learnable and improvable.

Having said so, I hope you’ve only taken 30 seconds to get here, because now it’s time to share with you this 1.5-minute video, with 29 amazing ways to be creative. Most of them are very simple and easy-to-follow tips, that could make a positive tweak in our creativity skill. I hope you like it!